Sunday, 24 July 2016

Spiritual Healing Through Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is linked to our soul. It deals with the eternal part of us. 

Our horoscope mirrors us completely in terms of past actions done by us, and the likely nature of works we would of in this lifetime.

However, how a person uses the particular information depends upon your own inner voice.  This is done with the help of balance or aligning ourselves with the energies of the planet.

 If a person knows how to get elevated to the highest form of a planet, they could easily heal all their Astrological problems. The practice needs certain sets of behavioral and chanting practices.

Each planet represents a teaching that we have not been able to materialize in the past.  By integrating the new learning, we become more empowered by the corresponding energy of the planet.

 Each of the planets is a doorway of self-realization which can be achieved by realizing the planet’s energy within ourselves. 

The most basic precept for this ideology is that whatever is manifest in macrocosmic universe is present at microcosmic level in a human being.

The remedial measures suggested by Vedic/Hindu Astrology work best when the underlying gist of the remedial actions gets realized in the heart and mind of person. This helps in self-transformation into a better personality.

The birth chart with various planets represents a level of energy. In case of planetary positions that are weak in ones chart represents a sphere where the deficiency needs to be corrected.
The gemstones and mantras help to build up the frequencies that are corresponding to cosmic energy related to the planet.
Vedic Astrology helps us to determine various aspects like health, wealth, career, marriage, and progeny and also about our mental, physical and spiritual apparition.

Our physical, mental and spiritual experiences are reflected in our horoscope. 

Role of Elements
The planets represent the four basic elemental forces of earth, water, fire and air.
By understanding of planetary forces in our birth chart, we can strike a balance by increasing or decreasing the intake of these forces. 

Vedic astrology deals with the blind spots generated by our lack of awareness while performing actions.  

However, it has been observed, even on profound and insightful astrological advices offered at the right time; many people are not able to follow them.

This is attributed to the power of karma that has induced the planetary situation. If a person is bound to reap action of his past action, even best advice by an astrologer can be ignored by him or her.

Thus, a zest for self-improvement and taking right remedial actions is a must resolve a person should take.

Vedic Astrology: Holistic Solution

Basically, the practice of Vedic Astrology is done in order to facilitate an individual to gain the four objectives of human life-‘dharma, arth, kaama , moksha’.  

  •        Dharma implies righteous actions.
  •       ‘Arth’ represents wealth and worldly prowess,
  •      Kaama refers to progressive desires like a good family, children etc.
  •       Moksha is the blissful state through realization of all the above three.

Basically all four are inter-related. When righteous actions are done for fulfillment of duties, both desires are built up and to fulfill them ‘artha’ or a means is needed.  Righteous actions manifest as selfless karma. Thus, moksha is attained.

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