Thursday, 7 April 2016

Earn Prosperity and Happiness with Astrology

Many people are unable to find the perfect solutions of their problems with astrology. The reason behind this can be unknown date birth and time. In this situation you can use these useful tips to get the perfect solution for your difficulties:

Prosperity and Happiness

For career

If you are not able get success after many trials then, this remedy can help you. Take one lemon cut it into four pieces. Take it along with you on a choraha, (a four way road) throw them in four directions of choraha and make a wish in your heart. Come back straight to your home. Perform this remedy for 7 days regularly before sun rise. You can also seek help from Astrologer consultant in London; they will provide you best UK Vedic astrology services.

For Good Shop Sale

At the day of Saturday evening, take one lemon squeeze it and sprinkle the juice in your factory or shop. All the negative vibes will flush out of your home and your business will earn more profit as never before. 

Happiness with Astrology

For Stable Money

If you think that your money never stays in your account then this remedy can help you. Perform it on Shukla Paksha Thursday, bring 11 kodis that are supposed to bring prosperity, 7 hakiks and 7 Gomati chakras. Apply turmeric tilak and put them on yelp cloth at pooja site. Laxmi will shower blessings on you.
The above three tips are helpful for you if you think that you are not getting well in your business or job. You can also seek help form Astrologer consultant in London, they will provide you alternate solutions too.