Sunday, 24 July 2016

Spiritual Healing Through Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is linked to our soul. It deals with the eternal part of us. 

Our horoscope mirrors us completely in terms of past actions done by us, and the likely nature of works we would of in this lifetime.

However, how a person uses the particular information depends upon your own inner voice.  This is done with the help of balance or aligning ourselves with the energies of the planet.

 If a person knows how to get elevated to the highest form of a planet, they could easily heal all their Astrological problems. The practice needs certain sets of behavioral and chanting practices.

Each planet represents a teaching that we have not been able to materialize in the past.  By integrating the new learning, we become more empowered by the corresponding energy of the planet.

 Each of the planets is a doorway of self-realization which can be achieved by realizing the planet’s energy within ourselves. 

The most basic precept for this ideology is that whatever is manifest in macrocosmic universe is present at microcosmic level in a human being.

The remedial measures suggested by Vedic/Hindu Astrology work best when the underlying gist of the remedial actions gets realized in the heart and mind of person. This helps in self-transformation into a better personality.

The birth chart with various planets represents a level of energy. In case of planetary positions that are weak in ones chart represents a sphere where the deficiency needs to be corrected.
The gemstones and mantras help to build up the frequencies that are corresponding to cosmic energy related to the planet.
Vedic Astrology helps us to determine various aspects like health, wealth, career, marriage, and progeny and also about our mental, physical and spiritual apparition.

Our physical, mental and spiritual experiences are reflected in our horoscope. 

Role of Elements
The planets represent the four basic elemental forces of earth, water, fire and air.
By understanding of planetary forces in our birth chart, we can strike a balance by increasing or decreasing the intake of these forces. 

Vedic astrology deals with the blind spots generated by our lack of awareness while performing actions.  

However, it has been observed, even on profound and insightful astrological advices offered at the right time; many people are not able to follow them.

This is attributed to the power of karma that has induced the planetary situation. If a person is bound to reap action of his past action, even best advice by an astrologer can be ignored by him or her.

Thus, a zest for self-improvement and taking right remedial actions is a must resolve a person should take.

Vedic Astrology: Holistic Solution

Basically, the practice of Vedic Astrology is done in order to facilitate an individual to gain the four objectives of human life-‘dharma, arth, kaama , moksha’.  

  •        Dharma implies righteous actions.
  •       ‘Arth’ represents wealth and worldly prowess,
  •      Kaama refers to progressive desires like a good family, children etc.
  •       Moksha is the blissful state through realization of all the above three.

Basically all four are inter-related. When righteous actions are done for fulfillment of duties, both desires are built up and to fulfill them ‘artha’ or a means is needed.  Righteous actions manifest as selfless karma. Thus, moksha is attained.

For more vital insights, get expert advice and guidance from clairvoyant Vedic Astrologer and Best Spiritual Healer in UK, Pandit  Shivaram for solving all your problems.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

How can Astrology help you get your Love Back?

Being in love is one of the most beautiful feelings that people experience in their life. It’s the only relationship that brings lots of happiness in people’s life and when it starts getting vanishes, all the happiness convert into sadness. Love is an essential part of everyone’s life. It takes the person in the different world and changes the life completely. If we have everything with us except the love, then no matter how hard we try, we’ll not be able to stay happy.

So, it is highly advisable for all the couples who are facing such kinds of troubles in their life to get in touch with love astrology services.

Love & Astrology

Now, you must be wondering how love astrology can help you get your love back and re-live the beautiful relationship again. Well, to take its benefits and get the most out of it, you need to consult an experienced yet famous astrologer. An astrologer suggests you the different ways or love remedies by which you can easily solve everything and bring the love to your life again.

Sometimes, misunderstanding and uncertain fights happen that broke a beautiful relationship. Because of silly fights and ego issues, love starts getting on the verge and on one fine day, when the patience reaches at the end stage, the couple just moved on to their relationship. But, as we all know, life can’t be lived happily without love. So, to solve everything and get a permanent solution to it, love astrology is something, which is considered as the best option. An astrologer takes a deep note on your problem, analyzes everything in mind on the basis of birth chart and planetary positions and after that, suggests you with some good ways. The love spells or you can say Vashikaran Mantra suggested by an astrologer helps you control the mind of your partner and do everything you want from your partner. With this, you can fulfill all your desires and live a happy life again. After applying Vashikaran Mantra, your partner will be in your control. He/she will work like you do and satisfy you up to the mark.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Earn Prosperity and Happiness with Astrology

Many people are unable to find the perfect solutions of their problems with astrology. The reason behind this can be unknown date birth and time. In this situation you can use these useful tips to get the perfect solution for your difficulties:

Prosperity and Happiness

For career

If you are not able get success after many trials then, this remedy can help you. Take one lemon cut it into four pieces. Take it along with you on a choraha, (a four way road) throw them in four directions of choraha and make a wish in your heart. Come back straight to your home. Perform this remedy for 7 days regularly before sun rise. You can also seek help from Astrologer consultant in London; they will provide you best UK Vedic astrology services.

For Good Shop Sale

At the day of Saturday evening, take one lemon squeeze it and sprinkle the juice in your factory or shop. All the negative vibes will flush out of your home and your business will earn more profit as never before. 

Happiness with Astrology

For Stable Money

If you think that your money never stays in your account then this remedy can help you. Perform it on Shukla Paksha Thursday, bring 11 kodis that are supposed to bring prosperity, 7 hakiks and 7 Gomati chakras. Apply turmeric tilak and put them on yelp cloth at pooja site. Laxmi will shower blessings on you.
The above three tips are helpful for you if you think that you are not getting well in your business or job. You can also seek help form Astrologer consultant in London, they will provide you alternate solutions too.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Decoding Relationship Problems with Astrology

In a relationship, everyone looks out for compatibility and understanding no matter whether it is with partner or friend. Did you know that astrology can play an important role in ease out the relationship situations between two people? Nowadays, people are going for astrology tips to have a good compatibility in their relations. UK Astrology services provide these services to people who seek help in making a relationship work for always. Indian Astrologers in UK can easily understand this concept by reading the signs and stars from one’s horoscope and birth chart.

Solve Relationship Problems with Astrology

According to astrology, Sun reflects the personality, drive and power of an individual. The amalgamation of two different star signs results in a new shade. Like this, the growing love between two people results in new emotions. Below is a guide about how could you recognize the astrological colors that can help you. 

The primary thing which one needs to remember, it never happens that two different star signs are incompatible. If it does then there are ways to calm down the negative effects and remedies to banish the difficulties. London best astrologers can guide you in this type of problems. Never fill your mind with negativity, keep on knowing about each other and yourself too is the main idea of astrology. The star combinations and their signs influence the life of people like if we talk about Aries then, it is a fire sign while Aquarius is an air sign, and their combination will result in hot air. That’s how the combinations are made and their effects are also known by the same. 

Good luck in searching perfect one for you!

Monday, 1 February 2016

Get Your Lost Love Back With the Help of Indian Vedic Astrology

For the love-struck, there is nothing like Vedic astrology. This is how you can get to know if your love-affair is to have a happy ending, or if your sweetheart is likely to cheat on you.

The principles of Vedic astrology originated in India, but have spread far to the remote corners of the world. It is not difficult to find an Indian Astrologer in UK who is skilled and has some amount of experience in the field of astrology, and even love stories.

It is not difficult to locate a London astrology consultant if you have access to the internet. All of them have set up shop on the internet considering the popularity of the medium, and all of them have official websites where you can fix an appointment with them for a consultation.

All of them owe allegiance to Indian Vedic Astrology services in UK. The best astrologers are all Indians. This is because the field of astrology is of Indian origin. But there are always elaborate courses available where one can learn the intricacies of astrology and be adept enough to tell the future by looking at the stars.

The basic skill lies in drawing up the birth-chart and interpreting it to tell the horoscope. Almost all astrologers are skilled in this field. They do tell you if you are to get your love-partner back in a few days.

They can tell you how to get your sweetheart to love you despite her or his dissonance with a particular aspect of your life. A horoscope is likely to be consulted to tell you all the details of your love-life.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Find the Top Astrologer in London to Get To Know Everything about Your Love Life

An astrologer becomes the need of the hour if your sweetheart is giving you some problems. If you suspect fidelity in love, the best way to confirm it, or even the best way to get over the misunderstanding is going to be contacting an astrologer for a reading. He or she is the one who has a considerable experience in handling all such matters with the expertise of professionals.

Get The Most Accurate Love Psychic Reading By an Astrologer:

The top astrologers in London are basically are skilled in interpreting birth-charts. They are the best ways to tell you about your past, and your present state of well-being. This is going to be the way they are going to tell you about your future too.

Position of the Planets Give Away All Secrets:
The basic premise of astrology is that planetary movements and the position of stars in the sky at a particular time keeps changing. The changing pattern is responsible for the change in our fate and destiny. An interpretation can be easily provided by a famous Indian astrologer in London.

 Astrologers get an inkling of these changes by making a comprehensive study of the birth-charts they prepare. You only have to supply the accurate time of your birth and your date of birth to the astrologer for the preparation of your birth-chart. You may also have to disclose the place of your birth. The facility is provided by all of the Best UK Astrology Services. You can easily find them on the web.

 Astrology Finds Itself Applicable to Everyone All Over the World: The point to be kept in mind is that the findings of an astrological reading are applicable to people all over the world. It is irrelevant if you find yourself in London or any part of the UK or even in India, you’re the planets under whose influence you were born remain the same, and they remain the key to your welfare.

 Horoscopes by Astrologers Tell All: There are quite a few online sites where you can get a horoscope prepared at a reasonable price. The horoscope is to be a detailed description of your life till now, while it is going to be an attempt to foretell your future based on this information. These horoscopes can tell you about your home and your personal relations. There can be something about the wealth, money and land assets you can own in the time to come.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Best Answer for Mysterious Health Problems

Even being a foreign land, London has almost half of its population from India and that explains a lot why there has been a high demand of Indian astrology in UK. However, even after having so many astrologers in UK, Indians confuse in choosing the right one. Astrology has been one of the most interesting, mysterious, and effective ways to solve problems humans generally face.

Health and Astrology connection:

Let us see which health problems that do not have any solution anywhere else in the world, mysteriously get answered by astrology.

You would say that medical science always has answers for this but just looking at the case from another side, what you will say if a person visits hospitals too often. What, if a person never had the joy of healthy life? Now this sounds a little weird and you will say, may be his stamina is weak. Even after having a good food diet, how can stamina become weak permanently? Put astrology behind this case and you will see the change in a week or two. UK astrologers work with proficiency in order to find out the reason behind repeated illness.

Continuous Stress and Depression:

Next big thing we never get cures in medical science is depression. It actually has no perfect cure through logical world but astrology mystically puts it to rest for forever. This power of Indian astrologers has made them popular all around the world. With number of Indian astrologers, you can easily have cures to your unsolved health issues in London UK.